ParticleBits is built using Trunk, a CodeIgniter template with helpers and add-ons, along with TrunkJS built in. You can find both Trunk-CodeIgniter and Trunk-JS at my GitHub or BitBucket page.

TrunkJS is an open source JavaScript application framework built on top of jQuery. It contains a light-weight class-based back-end with modals, messaging, logging, asynchronous requests (and everything else a modern web application would need) built in. Common packages like Underscore, Modernizr, Mousetrap, and jQuery UI are included already.


Mike Gioia

Co-founder at TeachBoost. Other projects include:

  • PlaylistLove, a music sharing and discovery project.
  • TrunkJS, a full-featured and well-documented JavaScript application framework.
  • Apokalips, a cheeky web-comic featuring puns and non-recurring anthropomorphized characters.